This is the timeline of events explained in detail, as well as relevant evidence uploaded and linked in support of those events


1988: Arriving in South Africa

I visited South Africa through my uncle Dennis Nikolopoulos (RIP),…Read More

1990-1992: From student to entrepreneur

I enrolled for an electrical engineering course at the Durban…Read More

1993: Technotronic Electronics is born

I started my own company called Technotronic Electronics, at 45…Read More

1993: My business grows

I expanded my business to Broad Street in Durban and…Read More

1997: Becoming friends with Johan Booysen

I met a senior police officer, Johan Booysen, the commander…Read More

1998: Witnessing torture for the first time

After I became friends with Booysen, as a civilian I…Read More

3 January 1999: Becoming a police reservist

I had known Booysen and his family for two years,…Read More

25 October 2000: Booysen uses his influence to transfer me to his unit

Johan Booysen personally drove me around to get my medical…Read More

7 March 2000: Specialised combat training

After the Murder and Robbery Unit was renamed the Serious…Read More

15 October 2001: “Put a bullet in his head”

On Friday the 12/10/2001 I had lunch with Booysen at…Read More

6 December 2001: Armed robbery at my store

At 0930 an armed robbery (video) took place at my…Read More

11 December 2001: Bullying the media, controlling public opinion

A reporter from Daily News contacted me and asked me…Read More

2002: mi casa es su casa

I started to investigate, various night clubs, involved in drug…Read More

2003: Police work success & Awards

My success work as a reservist in dealing with crime,…Read More

2003: Modus of Operandi of the Cato Manor death squad and controlling the media

Being under the protection of a unit with a notorious…Read More

2004: The year I become a whistleblower

By 2004 I had spent 3 years with the unit…Read More

2005: Cracking a Nigerian syndicate

After reporting the torture of the African suspect to my…Read More

January 2006: “The night we shot a prostitute”

In 2006, I was collected by members of the unit…Read More

June 2006: Cato Manor cops share their “trophy photos” of suspects they’ve killed

On 4/06/2006 Director Johan Booysen visited me at my home.…Read More

The turning point, Easter 2007: “Step on his belly so he can die faster”

On  April 9th, 2007 around 19:00 I had returned from celebrating…Read More

22 August 2008: Minister Malusi Gigaba’s laptop

On the 22nd of August 2008 at around 13h00 I  received…Read More

25th September 2008 : Forced to exile

In late September 2008, I was no longer a shareholder…Read More

2010: Becoming parents for the first time

In August 2010 coming back from a summer holiday, Shelley…Read More

2011: Priorities change but the struggle carries on

June the 5th, 2011,Booysen suddenly reached out to me with…Read More

September 2013: Noseweek smears a whistleblower, NPA lies about me in court

The second fake news campaign was run by a magazine called NoseWeek.…Read More

2014: Gorven judgement and my inquries to the NPA

Next Booysen went to court to have Jiba’s racketeering authorisations…Read More

2015 & 2016: Al Jazeera film (Echoes of Apartheid) NPA apologises to me

International Media Network Aljazeera, made a documentary regarding the Cato…Read More

2016: Booysen writes a book of lies, I win an award

In 2016 I received a special recognition for blowing the…Read More

October 2018: The Mokgoro and Zondo inquiries

The Mokgoro inquiry: In 2018 a national inquiry headed by…Read More

2019: A dark age for justice in South Africa & the beginning of my work towards whistleblower advocacy

After legal consultation my attorney sent a letter, dated 11 April…Read More

2020: I win a press ombudsman complaint against Daily Maverick

A report surfaced in 2020, named the De Kock report, falsely stating that…Read More

2021: Working toward creating a better future for whistleblowers

2021 was a promising and demanding year. After Daily Maverick…Read More

2022: Zondo Commission final report ignores Booysen

The Zondo Commission’s final report General Booysen, “hijacked” the Zondo commission…Read More

2022: The whistleblower’s concept The world is starting to listen

  2022 was a very interesting year for my advocacy…Read More

Police units obtaining forced confessions with torture methods adapted during Apartheid times

During Apartheid, security forces in South Africa were notorious for…Read More