2021: Working toward creating a better future for whistleblowers

2021 was a promising and demanding year. After Daily Maverick was forced to apologise to me and provide me with a right to reply of nearly 1500 words, there were two main developments :

  1. As a whistleblower that has suffered character assassination via fake news media in South Africa, I was vindicated and I was rewarded after persevering as a whistleblower. I was refocused, re grouped and my willpower got even stronger towards attaining my goals.
  2. The South African public had a fair chance to read a balanced article, with my reply, the Daily Maverick apology, as well as rediscover the right side of history, that regrettably was distorted for them.

Through a brilliant human being, social worker and whistleblower advocate, John Clarke in South Africa, I was able to exchange ideas, as well as assist fellow whistleblowers in need. In fact, 2021 was the first year that a special recognition prize was given to 4 South Africans, by BluePrint and I was tasked to deal with of them. One such award was given to the late Babita Deokaran who tragically was assassinated prior to testifying in a high profile case she had blown the whistle on. My thoughts went out to her teenage daughter, who she received the award. This is the same award that I received from Blueprint back in 2016, except on that occasion nobody in the South African media covered the event.


Special recognition award given to me in 2016 by Blueprint for Free Speech.