7 March 2000: Specialised combat training

After the Murder and Robbery Unit was renamed the Serious and Violent Crime Unit, Booysen had me registered at the detective service (TAB 810) of the Serious & Violent Crime Unit (TAB 811) and sent me to attend various training courses, including S.W.A.T and house penetrations’ techniques.

There was an argument with the Mayville station commander due to the fact that his new reservist was “ stolen from him ” and a new letter was issued by Booysen on the 12th of June 2001, informing him that:

Reservist Danikas is currently being utilised by the Serious and Violent Crime Unit”,

and that the provisional head of the reservists was aware of my transfer to the unit.

Change of Reservist Category by Director Booysen

Transfer Letter to Mayville Station Commander by Director Booysen


Swat training