15 October 2001: “Put a bullet in his head”

On Friday the 12/10/2001 I had lunch with Booysen at News Cafe’ at Musgrave Centre in Durban. When I arrived, he took out a photo of an African suspect by the name of Jabulani and told me

“If you see this bloody bastard put a bullet in his head.”

He then proceeded to explain to me how this escaped convict had sent a threatening fax to various government officials of the Justice Department that had convicted him previously. I recall that the magistrate was an Indian female, and she was afraid. As a result, there was an instruction from high up to kill him and not to arrest him.

On Sunday the 14th I got a call from Booysen  to be ready as I would be picked up from my house for an operation with the unit around midnight.  I got picked up around 00:30 on the 15th and was driven to a location that was close to the police station of the Cato Manor offices. There I met  Booysen and other members of the unit. Most were unknown to me at the time. There were over ten members.

We proceeded to drive with a convoy of undercover cars, and I drove with Booysen in his car. We drove to many locations and looked for the suspect, Jabulani. We picked up a relative of his, and after he was beaten up he gave the location of the suspect.

We arrived at the third place and parked at a distance on the road. It started to rain, so Booysen left.

We approached a small rural African location and proceeded to do a house penetration. I was positioned on the right of the entry door and other members proceeded to break the entry door down and arrest the surprised suspect, who at the time was sleeping  in a single room with his family, including kids.

He was dragged out in the mud, naked except for his underwear  and after a short struggle he was arrested. A few minutes later there was a circle of the police members around him. I was ordered to keep my distance. Then I heard a gunshot. The suspect was dead. To my surprise I asked what had just happened and was told that the suspect was armed and pulled a firearm out, so he was shot! I knew this to be a blatant lie since the suspect was wearing only his underwear. I remember that the underwear was off colour and not white.

I phoned Booysen, who drove to the crime scene later on. He congratulated the members on a job well done and then we left together. When I told Booysen that there was no way that the suspect was armed, he replied that I do not know what I am talking about, and I have no experience to make such a comment.  I thought to myself that it was not a coincidence that three days earlier Booysen had produced a photo of the dead suspect and instructed me to put a bullet in his head if I see him.