2002: mi casa es su casa

I started to investigate, various night clubs, involved in drug trafficking.

To my surprise, a few of the club owners were South African Greeks, that I grew up with after my immigration to SA.

After I reported my findings, I ended up being borrowed by Organised Crime’s Drug division and took part in various undercover operations throughout Durban. I further exposed some police members of the Cato Manor unit, who were selling drugs. I reported my findings to Director Booysen and he advised me to stay away from investigating the members. Two of the members I reported were later transferred to different units.

By September 2002 Booysen had sold his house and bought some land to build a luxury villa. He instructed me to make my flat in Musgrave, Durban available to him while he was building his new house. He stayed in my home for nearly six months. I had no say.