2003: Police work success & Awards

My success work as a reservist in dealing with crime, was unprecedented. Through my IT investigations, via my computer business, I managed to arrest multiple criminals, recover stolen property, guns and vehicles worth millions and as a result of my dedication to fighting crime, I was promoted to R/sergeant. I obtained permission by Director Booysen to install a permanent police siren and intercom on my private vehicle. Furthermore I was allocated a magnetically attached blue light, bulletproof vest and police radio for use 24/7.

I was awarded certificates of  appreciation by provincial Commissioner L.W.GIPSON on the 12th February 2003, as well as on the 29th May 2003 by Provincial Commissioner M.L KHANYILE.

Director Booysen also issued me multiple letters of appreciation, for good work, as late as 2006.

Many news articles covered my success in fighting crime in KwaZulu-Natal Durban South Africa.