January 2006: “The night we shot a prostitute”

In 2006, I was collected by members of the unit from my store, and we drove around West Street in downtown Durban  in a silver BMW unmarked police vehicle. The members’ names were Paul “Mossie” Mostert, Willie Olivier and Eugene van Tonder (we used to call him via his Afrikaans nickname, WP, which sounded to me like Viapiere,). While driving I noticed them looking for pedestrians, then Van Tonder, who was sitting on the rear left seat with me, casually pulled out a pellet gun and proceeded to shoot randomly from his open window at African pedestrians. I was horrified and asked to be returned to my store.

Later on, I called Johan Booysen, who by then was the Director of Organised Crime in KwaZulu-Natal. His pet unit that he had founded, the Cato Manor unit, fell under Organised Crime. I asked him to come see me.

Following my previous call asking him to come and see me, Booysen entered my store for a casual visit. My wife, Shelley Ann Danikas, was also present and willing to provide an affidavit collaborating my own statement regarding this incident. I had previously set up a video surveillance system inside my store with sound recording and was prepared for the conversation since I was sceptical as to how Booysen would handle my disclosure reporting.

While we were discussing how his own members had been shooting at African pedestrians with a pellet gun for entertainment in my presence, he proudly proceeded to describe how he and the same members had done the same thing on other occasions. In fact, he described three incidents and he even went down onto his knees to demonstrate how one African lady , who he referred to as a prostitute, was hiding under a coffee table in horror!

Here is the video , with subtitles and a transcript.