June 2006: Cato Manor cops share their “trophy photos” of suspects they’ve killed

On 4/06/2006 Director Johan Booysen visited me at my home. He was drinking heavily that day and a call came through involving a multiple victims shooting, in close proximity to my home. I was asked by Booysen to accompany him to the crime scene with his own car, which I refused as he was clearly intoxicated.

He insisted on taking his own car and I ended up following him with my own vehicle. At the Berea intersection, Booysen ignored the red traffic light due to influence of alcohol and he collided with a passing vehicle who had the right of way. All were unharmed and as Booysen came out of the car, he attacked the driver of the other vehicle and punched him. I had to physically restrain Booysen, and after everyone had calmed down Booysen, identified himself as a high ranking police officer and left the accident scene, stating that he was on his way to a very serious crime scene.

We drove back to my house, as it was very close by and Booysen parked his damaged Mercedes Benz by my place.

Afterwards we both drove off to the crime scene using my own car. At the crime screen regrettably there were three dead bodies of two males and a female. It was explained to me that an African man working as an estate agent, had a dispute over the electricity bill with three Indians within the building, after returning from a business trip and found his family’s electricity disconnected. An altercation took place. The African man lost his temper, opened fire and shot all three of the Indians dead. I processed the scene and took photos as instructed by Booysen who was clearly intoxicated at the time. We left the scene shortly afterwards and returned to my place. Booysen instructed me to lie to the insurance investigator officer ,by coincidence an ex police officer himself, that was appointed by the insurance company to investigate the circumstances of the accident and I was told not to state that there was alcohol involved. When the insurance investigator called me at my shop, I complied with Booysen’s instructions and covered up the real cause of his car accident, (intoxication).

A few months later on, Inspector Paul “Mossie” Mostert from the Cato Manor unit, arrived at my store and asked me to transfer certain digital “trophy” photos to a CD. I was aware by then that most members of the unit had the habit of collecting trophy photos of dead African suspects they shot at and killed, for their own entertainment, as well as to sell to the news papers. Here are the photos of the suspect after he was shot as trophy photos taken by Mostert.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

Within the photos I observed in horror a bleeding suspect apparently still alive, his dying pictures were taken as a “hunting trophy” and another police member casualty searching through the dying African’s personal belongings! According to Mostert, he had just arrived from a “hunt” where he and another Cato manor member had shot and killed the African suspect, of the previous triple  murder case I had attended with Booysen.

Later on when I was given access to the official crime scene investigation photos (cAS 255/07/2006, Pietermaritzburg Lcrc 259/07/2006 ) into the shooting of the above mentioned suspect by the Cato manor members, it was clear to me that the scene was tampered with and contaminated by the members. It is evident from Mostert’s trophy photos taken immediately after the shooting, that the members did not attempt to provide any medical assistance to the suspect, but casually searched through his belongings, probably for cash and valuables, while the African suspect was critically wounded and dying. Had Mostert trophy photos been made available to the authorities, the police members involved could have been charged criminally.