The shameful role of a South African NGO in support of the Cato Manor Unit’s atrocities committed

Recently I come across an investigative report, conducted by a South African Human rights NGO, named Open Secrets.

To my surprise, my name was referenced within the report, without consulting with me first, and as a result errors and misrepresentations were made. Once again I was never contacted for comments, and neither was I offered the right to reply.

I wrote a letter to the CEO of the NGO and I received a disappointing if not patronizing reply. Instead of apologizing and setting the records straight, Open Secrets tried to cover up their errors and chose to correct only what suited their narrative.

What I find very disturbing is that the NGO showed absolutely no interest in investigating the evidence I have of serious human rights violations and torture, even though I offered to share this evidence with them.

It is a great concern when NGOs contribute to covering up Human rights violations reported by whistleblowers when such reportings do not agree with the narrative they have decided to follow.

To read my full correspondence with Open Society in South Africa, click here.

The Myth Black Lives Matter in South Africa by Mary de Hass.