2011: Priorities change but the struggle carries on

June the 5th, 2011,Booysen suddenly reached out to me with friendly emails. The first  such email was titled “The SWAT team” with an attachment of a photo of some members of the unit including myself and Booysen, dated 2-4/5/2001, at a qualifying SWAT team training session. I found it alarming but replied with friendly emails to Booysen because I did not want to make him suspicious that I had tried to expose the Cato Manor unit through the media and other channels.After all he knew the physical location of my parents in Greece. I realised after reading about the published story investigating the Cato Manor unit on Sunday Times on December  2011, that the above email was a warning from Director Booysen to remind me that “I was one of them”.

On the 25th October 2011 I sent an email to ISS Africa reporting my willingness to make a public disclosure regarding human rights atrocities committed in South Africa by the police. Recently the YouTube account I was using to upload evidence of human rights violations against Africans, was reported as “ violating policy ” and YouTube mysteriously blocked my account. I tried to reason with YouTube help desk but there was no success.

I felt that I had sacrificed alot and done enough (at a great price), to blow the whistle as well as assist my beloved second country South Africa, to expose racism and corrupted police officers. My priority now was to rebuild my destroyed career and finances, especially after I had become a father for the first time.

In December 2011 the Sunday Times published a front-page article about the Cato Manor Unit. This article led to an investigation into the unit.

Soon after the Sunday Times article came out, I received an email through my YouTube channel from an activist in Norway who informed me that there was a pending investigation into my former police unit at Cato Manor. He recommended that I could assist and provided me the details of a local journalist at the Sunday Times.