January 2024 : Partnership with the devil, Angelo Agrizzi and Johan Booysen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Deconstructing Narcissist & Racist Behavior in South Africa, The Agrizzi and Booysen chapter.”

“It is important to note that racism is a serious issue that can have a negative impact on individuals and society as a whole. Narcissistic racism is a type of narcissism where racism is an indicator of an individual’s personality disorder. It is characterized by self-centeredness and egocentrism, and can manifest as racism in three ways: the narcissistic racist, stress-induced narcissistic racists, and socially misinformed narcissistic racists” credit



How I met Angelo Agrizzi

In December 2021, I was approached by a South African man by the name of Angelo Agrizzi. He was introduced to our private group of whistleblower advocates by social worker John Clark, a humbled man who was trying to make a difference in South Africa regarding whistleblowers who had suffered retaliation.

Angelo Agrizzi appeared to be respectable, “charismatic” with words and a funny guy. He immediately started to send me private messages and on the 8th of December 2021 via What’s Up, he called me “a brother” and begging me to provide him “international assistance” :


At first I was naïve, with a dose of nostalgia for living far away from South Africa. This was the first time that a South African group of whistleblowers and human rights advocates had contacted me for assistance and my excitement was stronger at the time.

In the days following we exchanged messages, such as details of his case in South Africa, Christmas wishes and photos of our families and homes. I received a private call from Angelo, who was “eager” to impress me with his “contacts” in SA and shared confidential information about my previous South African whistleblowing case in order to ” assist me” further. My mistake was that at first , I embraced Agrizzi and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He often praised me for my work in helping others and he condemned General Boysen:

hideous crimes on Booysen speaks against Boysen

It was during that call, that happened to be on the speakerphone and was heard by other members of my family, that Angelo Agrizzi said, Quote:

” Ari let me tell you, hey, I met them all, they used to come to me (bribes), the k, (referenced to black South African), the C, (referenced to Indian South Africans) and the Dutchman. The Dutchman, I hate the most” end of quote.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          –History of the event that led to Agrizzi turning hostile towards me.


Back in 2021-2022, many advocates and whistleblowers in our group had become frustrated with Angelo’s efforts to project himself as “the good fellow”, the “victim” and the “whistleblower”. In protest, prominent activists such as Martina Della Togna and Thandeka Gqubule Mbeki left the group as did I, after we had a heated discussion about Angelo’s racist comments with John Clark. It was at that point that I was informed by Martina and Thandeka that Angelo Agrizzi was a self-confessed racist, had paid a 200k fine by the Human Rights Commission and charged criminally with corruption. I realize that Agrizzi had approached me under false pretense.

By now it is common knowledge that Agrizzi was involved with criminal activities and was a racist ( self confessed ), but his testimony at the Zondo Commission provided key evidence against government corruption of the ANC in South Africa. In Europe, we are taught that the motive of a whistleblower is of no concern, provided that the whistleblower is not implicated in any crimes relating to his public disclosure. Clearly Angelo Agrizzi was a police informer or a criminal who wished to strike a deal and cooperate with the Authorities, in order to receive a reduced sentence for his crimes committed and therefore did not fit the profile of a “honest” whistleblower.

I had made the decision not to nominate him for the blueprint for free speech awards, since his background did not meet our ethics criteria. I supported and nominated other South African whistleblowers such as Athol William, Cynthia Stimpel and Patricia Mashale among others, all of whom received International Blueprint awards.

I did not go public with Agrizzi’ s repeated racist behavior back in 2022, because I was ethically and legally bound at the time. I was also nervous, since he was part of a very powerful lobby and with many connections . His boss , late Gavin Watson died under “mysterious circumstances”, after Angelo Agrizzi testified against him as part of the State Capture investigation in South Africa and this was a major security concern for me. It appears as some people involved with the Bosasa scandal and Agrizzi, had their life cut short, just like a true mafia drama.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        –“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

It recently came to my attention that Angelo had once again sold his soul to the devil and “partnered” with another racist man, Apartheid policeman Johan Booysen, via a local fake news website and made a comeback with negative comments about my integrity. Ironically, Angelo is claiming to be “brain” damaged as to avoid prosecution for his alleged crimes.

Because Agrizzi attacked me publicly, he has forced me to reply as well as make an official complaint with the Human Rights Commission Office in South Africa regarding Angelo Agrizzi’s repeated use of racist language against people of color. After all the Human Rights Commission was the one that had previously found Angelo Agrizzi guilty of racism.

Agrizzi has become a pawn and is in a symbiotic relationship with a common purpose, to character assassinate with fake news, the whistleblowers and human rights activists who are working towards exposing the truth, in order for him to divert attention from discriminating public disclosures and escape accountability, while simultaneously he is promoting his self-financed book, a copycat of Booysen’s own tactics to interfere with judiciary, as well as gain public support.

I had previously publicly exposed Booysen and his unit, for human rights violations in South Africa, including racism, torture, and extra judicial killing of Africans. Booysen has a dark history of extra judicial killings during his service with Apartheid specialized units, as reported in the Investigative files used by the Goldstone commission back in 1994.

ref : ( page 29 of 146) 


isipingo DR7/92

12 mRCH 1992

Booysen had previously orchestrated a personal character assassination via one of many fake news media campaigns against me, by forcing an African domestic worker who he had employed for years, to lie under oath, in order to confuse the authorities and interfere with judiciary progress, on a criminal investigation against him ( 2012-2019). The personal attacks against my character “conveniently” started four years after I had left South Africa, simultaneously when my identity was published in 2012, as one of the whistleblowers involved in collaborating with the NPA. Booysen took it a step further and in 2016 he published a book attacking my credibility , without ever allowing me the right to reply.

By doing so, Booysen managed to interfere with judiciary, capture the media and silence everyone brave enough to expose him. He managed to avoid his day in court and face a trial, and to this day remains unaccountable for his heinous crimes, as well as those committed by other police members, that have left a trail of suspicious and unjustified killings, tortures and coverups during and post Apartheid.

To the contrary I am pleased that dodgy characters such as Angelo Agrizzi, a self-confessed South African racist and corrupted businessman, together with ex Apartheid policeman Johan Booysen, with a dark documented history of racism and human rights violations, are targeting me. It only depicts my narrative of the character assassination methods of retaliation they are adapting against whistleblowers and human right activists.

Be as it may, I don’t hold grudges. Angelo Agrizzi is a lost soul, with no integrity left in him. I wish him the best of luck, as corruption and lies cannot buy him luck.

-Final thoughts: While devious souls such as Angelo Agrizzi & Johan Booysen in South Africa have partnered into a symbiotic relationship to further damage public interest, and distort the truth, I have moved on and dedicate my free time helping make the world a better place for our children.

My human rights advocacy is pro bono.