3 January 1999: Becoming a police reservist

I had known Booysen and his family for two years, he had repeatedly expressed his desire to plan a tour in Europe together and that I accommodate him and his family in Greece. I had already upgraded my business to a larger premises in Smith Street and he suggested that I apply to the South African police reserve force under his protection. Within those two years that I had known the Booysen family, friends and Afrikaner community in Amanzimtoti, the overall narrative was that “The blacks are destroying our country, whatever we built all those good years that we were in power is ruined, as well as they ( the Africans ) were subhumans, murderers, thieves and rapists”. Often he would allocate some of his police members to guard my business while I was on holiday in Greece. He constantly reminded me that as a white store owner, I was a target, my life was in danger and only he and his unit could protect me from the Africans. Without a second thought I applied with the help of Booysen. Ironically about two years later, when Booysen, his daughter and I were held up at gun point at my store, I was the one who had to protect them from the armed robbers using Booysen’s service firearm.

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